Team BASE : “Hello – my name is Shanique.”
I’m Shanique from Jamaica.
I have been in Japan for 3 years. I like pink and purple. My favorite food is curried chicken and ramen. I enjoy taking a walk!

Team BASE : “Hello – my name is Sayaka.”
Hello, my name is Sayaka.
I like to travel in Japan and around the world.
I am very happy that I can use other languages to communicate with people
from different countries.
I love to teach English so let’s have fun together!!

Team BASE : “Hello – my name is Laura.”
I am from Connecticut (USA) and have been living in Japan for almost three years. While traveling, I like to go scuba diving and go bird watching. I love spending time in nature! At home, I like reading, singing, and running. Nice to meet you.

Team BASE : “Hello – my name is Hana.”
Hello, I’m Hannah. I’m from the Philippines.
I’d love to sing and dance! When I was a teenager, I used to play softball. I am really excited to be a part of BASE’s teachers!

Team BASE : “Hello – my name is Shige.”
Hello, my name is Shige.
I love to go fly fishing.
I created this BASE.
Please come join us.
Let’s enjoy it together!!